September 6, 2008

How to make an object from string in Silverlight 2 (to avoid AG_E_PARSER_MISSING_DEFAULT_NAMESPACE error)

XamlReaderを用いて文字列からFrameworkElementオブジェクトをつくるときには明示的に既定のXML名前空間を指定しなければならない。たとえば、xmlns=''と指定する。そうしないとAG_E_PARSER_MISSING_DEFAULT_NAMESPACEというエラーが。Silverlight 2 beta 2。


For XamlReader, the required root element must specify a default XML namespace. This is typically the Silverlight client namespace, For CreateFromXAML the default XML namespace is implicitly assumed to be if not specified.
string xaml = @"<Button xmlns=''" +
"Content='foo' Width='60' Height='20' />";
// XamlParseException (AG_E_PARSER_MISSING_DEFAULT_NAMESPACE) will occur if you write
// string xaml = @"<Button Content='foo' Width='60' Height='20' />"
FrameworkElement element = XamlReader.Load(xaml) as FrameworkElement;

Using XamlReader.Load
// Create the MouseLeftButtonUp event handler for the root Canvas object.
function onMouseLeftButtonUp(sender, eventArgs)
// Retrieve a reference to the plug-in.
var plugin = sender.getHost();

// Define a XAML fragment and create it.
var xamlFragment = '<TextBlock Canvas.Top="200" Text="Click for more info..." />';
textBlock = plugin.content.createFromXaml(xamlFragment, false);

// Add the XAML fragment as a child of the root Canvas object.

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