September 25, 2009


Install Notes

A full installation will install the following:
* Python framework -- installed into:

* Python applications -- installed into

* System fixes -- makes the EPD Python your default one by adding lines to
your .bash_profile to your path.

* Examples -- this is the examples and demos found in the sources for
the projects included in EPD. Installed into a sub directory of
and a symbolic link at


If you wish to completely uninstall EPD, you'll need to do so manually as
Apple does not support a standard uninstall mechanism for .mpkg installers.
If you don't want to fully uninstall, but instead wish to switch your default
Python to some interpreter other than EPD, see the below section on Changing
The Default Python Interpreter.

The recommended uninstall procedure is as follows, and this assumes you have
MacPython 2.5 installed. If you do not, you'll need to know where your backup
Python environment is and customize these instructions based on that

$ cd /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/
$ sudo rm -rf 5.0.0
$ cd /Applications/Enthought/
$ sudo rm -rf EPD-5.0.0

Changing The Default Python Interpreter

During installation, EPD made itself your default interpreter by modifying
your .bash_profile to prepend it's 'bin' directory to your PATH environment
variable. In addition, it modified the symbolic link


to point to its version. You can change these two settings to switch to a
different default Python interpreter temporarily and/or permanently.