December 18, 2009

MacからEPDことEnthought Python Distributionを消す方法


• On Mac, you'll need to uninstall manually as Apple does not yet support a standard uninstall mechanism for .mpkg installers. The recommended uninstall commands are as follows. The instructions suffixed by a #* are specific to restoring a different Python interpreter, in this case MacPython 2.5 from If you want to restore a different Python, you'll need to know where your backup Python environment is and customize these commands based on that information.

cd /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions
sudo rm -rf 2.5.2001 Current
sudo ln -fhs 2.5 Current
cd /Applications
sudo rm -rf "EPD 2.5.2001"
cd /usr/local/bin
sudo ln -fsh $PYTHON/bin/python
sudo ln -fsh $PYTHON/bin/pythonw
sudo ln -fsh $PYTHON/bin/python2.5
sudo ln -fsh $PYTHON/bin/pythonw2.5

As an example, on OS X 10.6, to restore the default Python installation you would set the PYTHON variable as:

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